Friday, April 3, 2009

Barefoot Mamas Meeting 4/2/09

The Barefoot Mamas welcomed guest speaker Natalia Andelkovic, a Holistic Nutritionist and Dr. Dale's wife. She gave an informative talk about nutrition and the importance of eating for life. During this meeting Natalia emphasized the importance of eating organic, nutrient dense foods and avoiding processed and refined foods. She went over some frightening statistics on childhood obesity and disease brought on by poor nutrition. She also offered some tasty and healthy recipes for the mommies to take home and try. Natalia is available for consultations and can be reached at

Thank you for all who attended and a big thanks for those who donated to help us keep our website going. If you weren't at the meeting and would like to make a donation please contact us at

Don't forget next month's meeting on May 7th where we will be discussing cloth diapering, attachment parenting, and babywearing.