Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Two Year Anniversary Barefoot Mamas' Network!

Tonight the Barefoot Mamas' got together for a potluck to celebrate our second anniversary. It was a wonderful time full of friendship and enjoying family time. We were honored to have some Barefoot Daddies show their support as well. It was beautiful to be able to reflect on the past two years and how our families have grown and changed. In addition, some of us were able to recollect how we were supported through our births by other members, either through childbirth education, being doula-ed, or seeking the loving care of a midwife in our group. Truly we are a unique group!

At the meeting members were asked to write what they felt grateful for within our small barefoot community. Here are some of the things that our members wrote:

I am grateful for...

"all the people I met over the two years and their wisdom."

"the non-judgemental attitudes and supportive friendships."

"knowing that I'm not alone. Thank you!"

"wonderful friends that are like-minded. I looove this group!!"

"a group where I can be myself, feel safe, and be loved!"

"for having so many women to diversify my life with!"

"all of the support, the ideas, and the love of the group. My life would be very different if not for you!"

"this community of holistic mothers as well as the great discussion topics."

Additionally, we had some wonderful comments on the sign-in sheet wishing the group love, thanks, and a happy anniversary. It was heartwarming to read them all.

Lara did an amazing job of setting up and putting together our photo slideshow. I want to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work and effort. She's quite amazing! :)

Ladies (and daddies) we are very thankful for your participation in the group. Each of you is very special and has a place in our circle. We look forward to another amazing year with new friends, new babies, and new activities and topics. Thank you everyone who has made this group what it is.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting!