Friday, April 11, 2008

The kiddos

I love watching my children play. I think they are especially interesting when they don't know that I'm listening in on their play time. For instance, just last week I overheard my daughter Sophie talking to her "baby doll." She said, "Baby, you no feel good? Oh it's okay baby just take your herbs and it will help your body heal." She proceeded by "nursing" her baby doll, giving her kisses and putting her in bed. I sat back in amazement. My daughter did not use the word "sick" or "doctor," she simply did exactly what I have done with her numerous times and went about her day. I felt so proud that she was "taking care" of her baby and I know that my homeopathic remedies at home are comforting to my children. They know herbs, aromatherapy, snuggle time and peaceful music. Moments of illness are calmed by a parents reassuring words and love.
We would love to hear your stories. How has your holistic parenting influenced your children? What little things have your children expressed?

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