Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Become Gorgeously Green with Us!

My friend Liz, called me and told me about a book called, Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano. She was so excited about this book because it laid out how to "go green" in eight east steps. Well, I thought I would have to see what this book was all about, so I bought it on for about $9.00. It arrived today, and I can't put it down! It really is easy to read and although I already feel I live a holistic lifestyle, a new passion for the environment is growing inside of me. There are things in this book that are shocking, like ingredients in tampons to the effects on our environment when we use common household cleaners. Anyway, in case any of you ladies want to check out this book, I highly recommend it. We will soon try to purchase a copy to circulate around the group. For more information, check out their website, it is really cool. See you soon, maybe we can discuss some of the topics in this book at our next meeting, after all it will be about the toxins in our environment that effects our kids. See ya then!

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