Sunday, September 7, 2008

How to protect our kids from the FLU!

The flu season is approaching! The media will start bombarding us with images of the deadly flu! I am very passionate about alternatives to the flu shot to protect our families. Here are ways to boost your family's immune systems, so no matter what is "going around" it will pass your family by. Remember this quote by Louis Pasteur (vaccine maker),

"The germ is nothing,
the terrain is everything."

10 ways to Boost the immune system:

1. Get chiropractic adjustments.

The immune system is linked to your nervous system. If your nervous system is not functioning at 100%, neither is your immune system. (Chiropractors work with the nervous's not all about back pain.)

2. Increase your intake of Vitamin C.

3. Decrease or eliminate food that weaken the immune system:

a. Processed sugar

b. Processed foods

c. High Fructose Corn Syrup

d. Don't eat non-organic food that contain pesticides and GMO's

4. Get lots of rest.

5. Get out in the sun!

6. Keep up on your whole food supplements.

7. Keep your body alkaline by getting lots of oxygen into your cells.

a. Take a nice walk, breath deeply!

b. Eat RAW FOODS that are in season

c. Drink lots water

8. Keep a positive outlook and set the intention: "My family is healthy, with strong immune systems. We are able to use our natural immunity to fight the flu this year!"

9. Do things that make you happy! Laughter is a great way to increase the oxygen into your body.

10. Don't get the flu shot! (In my opinion, the flu shot weakens your immune system by injecting your body with the flu virus, countless other toxins, chemicals, and preservatives.)

Click on this link to watch a short Video on the Flu shot.
It's both funny and disturbing!

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