Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meeting on January 8th- Natural Childbirth and Natural Family Planning

Once again the Barefoot Mamas had the pleasure of having licensed midwife Karen Baker speak about natural family planning (NFP) and natural childbirth. This was a topic that we originally discussed in September and was so good it was brought back. A summary of September's meeting can be found here.

During this meeting Jen brought up cycle beads as a tool for NFP. Cycle beads are a color coded string of beads that help women track their cycles to figure out when they are fertile. You can learn more about Cycle Beads here. In order to use cycle beads your cycle must be 26-32 days long.

Lara also demonstrated her Ovulens, which is a microscope designed to detect fertility by testing your saliva. You can find out more about the Ovulens here.

We had an open discussion where we talked about baby's sleep habits where Karen recommended the book The Family Bed. There was discussion of the new wholistic pediatric office and Dr. Pejman Katiraei, who many moms in our group have already had excellent personal experience with. He comes very highly recommended. We also touched a bit on the Extreme Mothering segment done by 20/20. If you have not seen the segments you can watch them here:

Orgasmic Birth:

Extreme Breastfeeding:


Serial Surrogates:

Mother's Saying No To Modern Medicine

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you at the next Barefoot Mamas meeting on February 5th where we will be discussing Keeping Our Relationships Strong. Dara Palmer, our personal Feng Shui consultant will be speaking.

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