Sunday, August 16, 2009

Barefoot Mamas Meeting 8/6/09

Thank you to all who attended the Barefoot Mamas Meeting on August 6th. We had a great turn out for our meeting and a chance to listen to a wonderful speaker, Tami Goltry.

Tami is a veteran natural parent and an inspiring person to listen to. She shared with us her experience being a natural mom of five now grown children. It was refreshing to hear her point of view and to be able to ask her questions that would help us grow and feel more confident in our parenting choices. Tami had homebirths in the 80s when homebirth was a "radical" thing to do. She didn't vaccinate her children, homeschooled, and was very into natural foods and more recently has begun to see the benefits of juicing. She had some great advice for getting our children to eat healthier and for homeschooling challenges. She shared how juicing fruits and vegetables and eating a more raw diet has changed how she feels and recommended some books on juicing and nutrition as well as parenting.
Tami has shared that she is happy to answer any further questions that anyone has regarding natural parenting or nutrition and so if any of our Barefoot Mamas would like to chat with Tami on the phone feel free to email us at and we will give you her cell phone.
We are looking forward to our next meeting where our topic will be "Inner Peace For Mom." Hope to see you all there!

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