Monday, October 6, 2008

October's Meeting Recap

Tonight's meeting was incredibly informative. We were so fortunate to have Dr. Kathryn Leeman as our guest speaker. Dr. Leeman has a Ph.D. in Trans personal (Holistic) Psychology and Philosophy offering counseling in the following:

Life Purpose & Direction
Regression Therapy
Guided Imagery
Prosperity & Abundance
Grief Counseling
Communication Enhancement
Health & Well-Being
Childhood Traumas

Dr. Leeman also specializes in N.A.E.T. (Natural Allergy Elimination Technique), Real-Time EEG Bio/Neuro-Feedback, Holistic Biofeedback Balancing, and Meditation Techniques. She also offers Aura/Chakra Photography and Balancing for Physical, Mental, Emotion & Spiritual Alignment.

In addition to her formal education, she has traveled extensively within the United States and worldwide studying with Shamans and Medicine People of many diverse cultures. She incorporates the customs and ceremonies that the people of these cultures have shared with her to enhance her counseling skills and intuitive abilities. She integrates the practical and mystical teachings and experiences into her private practice, classes, workshops and seminars.

Our quest for this month's meeting was to find "inner peace" and meditative techniques for everyday mommy hood. Dr. Leeman offered several meditation suggestions and shared the following Chakra Clearing with the group. We all stood and performed the following exercises:

Crown: Stare @ a point on the wall ~ move eyes around clockwise to count of 10. Do not skip any part of the circle. Then do counter clockwise for count of 10.
Brow: 10 Rotations of head/neck turn side to side.
Throat: 10 counts, extended arms in big circles both ways.
Heart: 10 counts, clasped hands with arms extended in front of you, swing side to side moving trunk but keep hips straight.
Stomach: 10 counts, circular hip rotations both direction (slow hula hoop movements)
Sacral: 10 counts, touch toes, arms all the way up above the head and slowly swing down to toes.
Root: 50 short and slow knee dips (prosperity)

After our group was finished with the Chakra Clearing it was amazing to look around the room and see the energy return to the moms in the room. Dr. Leeman says that this is a great exercise to do for instant de-stress and to increase your energy. It can be repeated as many times throughout the day as needed. It was also fun to see the toddlers in the room share in the exercise with us. I think that I will be doing this exercise often to keep our days calm and re-energize when needed.

You can read more about Dr. Leeman at her website:
She founded the Redlands Holistic Health Center located at 720 Brookside, Suite 105 in Redlands, CA. A variety of healing modalities to help balance body, mind and spirit are offered. Please feel welcome to visit the Center or call (909) 792-2094 ext. 3# to schedule a consultation.

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