Monday, October 6, 2008

Special Discount to our Members!!!

My dear friend Krista joined us at our meeting tonight to share information on the opening of the Calimesa Holistic Wellness Center. Krista is the owner and a colonic therapist. I must say, this is a beautiful wellness center. I walked in the other day and immediately felt calm and relaxed (even though I was holding my one year old :) Krista has done an amazing job decorating and has an eye for incorporating key elements to create a feeling of tranquility and wellness. I also immediately fell in love with her "Tea Room." This is a special room to relax before/after services and "just be." I was ready to stay. My plan is to schedule several services and make an afternoon for myself.

She has hand picked a collaboration of people to provide various services for clients who seek wellness. Her center offers the following: Colonics, Yoga Classes, Infant Massage, Body Wraps/Facials, Reflexology/Massage and services from a highly experienced Herbalist.

Krista has generously offered our Barefoot Mamas' a special discount. We have been invited to join her for a pre-opening special. Your first colonic is at the discounted price of $45.00 (usually $65.00). This must be scheduled ahead of time by appointment only. Please let her know that you are a "Barefoot Mama."

Please stop by the Calimesa Holistic Wellness Center and say hi to might also find me relaxing in the Tea Room.

Holistic Wellness Center
1007 Calimesa Blvd. Suite F Calimesa, CA 92399
cell 951-692-8355

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Wendy said...

I went to the grand opening and it was amazing! Such a beautiful and relaxing environment. I will be going back for sure!